A historic shift is indeed taking place today in global marketplace because of the growing influence of
emerging economies in the world economic scenario. Emerging economies constitute several countries in
Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Brazil, Russia, India and
China, referred collectively as BRIC, are among the most influential emerging economy countries. Once
viewed as less developed countries”, the emerging market economies (EMEs) now offer a significant
growth opportunity for multinational corporations (MNCs). The EMEs have brought about a
metamorphic change in the world trade, commerce, markets, and the balance of power. Their share of
total merchandise exports is over 40 per cent now. They constitute approximately 80 per cent of the
global population, and account for 20 per cent of the world economy, which is projected to grow up to 50
per cent in the coming 25 years. Over 70 fortune 500 firms are from EMEs. Interestingly, despite the
recent global financial crisis, the expansion rate of EME-MNCs is not abating. In nutshell, the future
belongs to those marketers who successfully develop and implement marketing plans in EMEs.
In this demanding context of world business, we are indeed honoured and delighted to host the First IIML
International conference in Marketing in Emerging Economies at Indian Institute of Management
Lucknow (IIML), Noida campus, and present before you the proceedings of this rewarding Conference.
The main academic Conference is being scheduled for January 13-14, 2012. The unique Doctoral
Colloquium that is being organized along with this Conference is taking place on January 12, 2012.
Marketing scholars have historically conducted extensive research studies in the highly developed
economies. As EMEs differ radically from mature developed market economies, they pose new strategic
questions that traditional marketing frameworks do not answer. There is general agreement that all our
established marketing theories and empirical generalizations will not be applicable in emerging market
context. EMEs present significant socio-economic, demographic, cultural and regulative departures from
the marketing theories and practices developed in developed economies. There is an increased realization
by marketing practitioners and academicians that concepts and frameworks based on empirical findings of
developed economies, grounded in their socio-economic environmental contexts, need to be empirically
validated in EMEs context. Given the importance of EMEs, leading marketing scholars and journal
editors have repeatedly urged to study the marketing issues in the context of EMEs. As a strategic
response to this very basic requirement, this Conference showcases the quality output of recent researches
conducted on EMEs by marketing academics and practitioners worldwide.
The strategic objective of this conference is to bring together a distinguished panel of speakers, including
academicians from renowned business schools, marketing experts and thought leaders across the world to
debate and discuss the emerging and relevant research issues facing the theory and practice of marketing
in EMEs context. This conference will serve as a platform for marketing scholars and practitioners from
across the globe to showcase and share their valued research output and insights on various aspects of
marketing theory and practice specific to EMEs. This conference will also serve as a venue to review the
research in marketing as applied to developed economies over the past several decades and set an agenda
for shaping the future of research in marketing in EMEs. Befitting this context, the theme of the
conference is kept as ‘Shaping the Future of Research in Marketing in Emerging Economies:
Looking Ahead’.
For this conference, a total of 415 paper abstracts were submitted by over 900 authors from across the
globe. Based on the outcome of a double blind review process by an international panel of reviewers, 174
papers were finally accepted for presentation in the conference. In addition, a total of 18 papers were
accepted for poster presentation. Around 21 countries have been represented by the authors of these 192
papers, out of which 57 papers are from outside India. The conference has been designed with 14 track
themes and nine plenary sessions.
We would like to make use of this opportunity to profusely thank all those ladies and gentlemen who
helped us in various ways to make this ambitious event happen. First, we wish to place on record our
sincere gratitude to Prof. Devi Singh, Director, Indian Institute of Management for his untiring support
and valuable guidance throughout the conference process. We are also thankful to Professor Archana
Shukla, Dean-Noida Campus, and Professor S.C.Bansal for their support to make this event happen at the
Noida Campus of IIML. This conference would not have been possible without the active cooperation of
valued reviewers and track chairs, and we earnestly hope that we will continue to have their kind support
and encouragement in future too.
Many thanks to all the thirteen marketing area faculty members of IIML, members of the marketing club
(PRISIM) of the students community of IIML, and various administrative departments of IIML for
extending the much needed support to the Conference. We are also thankful to all the Marketing area
FPM Scholars of IIML (Ravi Shekhar Kumar, Abhishek Mishra, Ansh Gupta, Sushant Kumar, Neha
Sadhotra, Arnab Ray, and Dr.Ekta Srivastav), who have helped us in various ways in making this event a
grand success. We are also thankful to our PGP student Mr.Priyajit singh, and the students of IPMX
batch, Ms. Gurpreet singh and Mr.Debabrata Rana.
Our sincere thanks to Prof.Anita Goyal, Prof.Devashish Dasgupta, Prof. Satish S.M, Prof.Ashish Dubey,
Prof.Moutusy Maity, Prof.Rajesh Aithal,Prof.Rajeev Kumra and Prof.Anirban Chkraborty for their active
participation in coordinating various important activities of the conference. Our special thanks goes to
Prof.Prem Purwar and Prof.Neelam Kinra for their timely advice. Thanks also to Dr. Ghazal Masarrat,
Mr.Anish Yousaf,Ms.Samiksha Singh,Ms. Lubna Ansari , Mr. P. S. Negi, Mr.Vijay Singh,
Mr.S.Mukhopadhyay, Ms.Anjali Narula, Ms.Swati, Mr.Paritosh Kumar, Ms.Kavita Rawat, Ms. Bhumika
Pallavi, Mr.Shailesh Kumar, Mr.Birendra Kumar, Ms. Ankita Singh and Ms.Divya Rastogi for their
timely support in organizing this conference.
We are thankful to Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM), Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), The
EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI), University of Buffalo, Nanyang Business School,
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., Market Research Society of India (MRSI), and to provide the academic
support for this Conference. We are also quite appreciative of the support received from the Editors of ten
reputed academic journals for bringing in special issues out of the selected best papers of the Conference.
Our sincere thanks to IMRB International (formerly Indian Market Research Bureau) for their support to
our conference as ‘Knowledge Partner’. We are thankful to our publishing partner ‘Pearson India’ and
publishing team members Mr.Praveen Tiwari, Mr.Dheeraj Pandy and Gaurav Jain for their dedicated
support for this event.
We would also like to put on record a special word of thanks to Ms.Sakshi Gupta, the Conference
manager for the overall supervision of the conference activities from beginning to end.
LUCKNOW The Editors: Prof.Arun K. Jain
January 13, 2012 Prof.Naresh Malhotra
Prof.Saji.K.B. (Nair)
Prof.Satyabhusan Dash